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Sightseeing around

  • Lake Yamanaka

    • Lake Yamanaka pleasure boat"Swan Lake』

      From the sightseeing boat on the lake, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt Fuji.
      It is one of the popular routes around Fuji Five Lakes.
      There are a wide variety of boats here,
      Together, you can go out and enjoy with swans and big foxes.
      At twilight, the scenery of the sunset over Mt Fuji seen from the lake is so beautiful that it cannot be described in words.

      location:506 Hirano, Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture
      Phone number: + 81-555-620130
    • Yamanakako Hananomiyako Kouen

      On the shore of the lake closest to Mt Fuji, we fill up a site of 1000 meters above sea level with various flowers every season,
      Vivid colors and abundant nature produce dramatic.
      In addition, there is an all-weather greenhouse in Seiryu no Sato,
      You can enjoy tulips, cosmos and zinnia in each season.
      There is a Japanese style garden, a triple watermill, a 10m wide 80m wide Myojin waterfall,
      There is a lava tree type underground experience zone where you can touch the mystery of Mt Fuji eruption.

      Address:Yamanashi Prefecture South and 1650 Yamanaka, Yamanakako Village
  • Lake Kawaguchi

    • Kawaguchiko Music Forest

      Once you step inside the facility at Music and Flower Paradise,
      It's like a small Europe without a passport.
      You can also enjoy world-famous music boxes, automatic musical instruments, and live concerts.
      At its peak, 720 varieties and 1200 roses decorate the garden, overflowing with various flowers every season,
      Enjoy beautiful scenery.

      Address:401-0304 Yamanashi Prefecture Minamiru-gun Fuji Kawaguchiko Estuary
  • Kachi-kachi Yama (Mt Kachi-kachi)

    • Kachikachi-yama Ropeway

      Ropeway that runs in 3 minutes to the top of the mountain to the observation deck at an altitude of 1075m.
      Offer views of Mt Fuji of Susono and Lake Kawaguchi panoramic view in 360-degree panorama.
      On sunny days, the vast landscape of the South Alps spreads out.
      This is the Kachi-kachi Yama (Mt Kachi-kachi) where Dazai Osamu's novel version, "Kachi-kachi Yama (Mt Kachi-kachi)",
      Raccoon and rabbit dolls are displayed after the story.

      Address:163-1 Azagawa, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Nanto-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
  • Oshino Village

    The area was once the bottom of a lake, but the lake was divided by the great eruption of Mt Fuji Enryaku 19 (800) years, the water withered, and the figure where the spring water port remained as a pond (spring) is Oshino Hakkai.
    It is designated as a national monument.
    • Oshino Hakkai(Oshino Hakkai)

      Mt Fuji's snowmelt water was filtered between underground lava over about 20 years,
      It is spring Group of water springs (Hakkai Tour) that creates 8 springs as spring water.
      Nationally designated natural monument, is specified in the best waters hundred election, in 2013 as the "faith of the object and the art of the source of Mt Fuji,
      Designated as a World Cultural Heritage. There are many shops selling old-style natural foods, and you can enjoy Hoto's specialties such as "Hoto" and "Kusamochi" at reasonable prices.

      Address: Yamato Prefecture Nanto-gun Nomura Shinobu
      Tel: + 81-555-84-4221
  • Attraction

    • Fuji-Q Highland

      For those who love stimuli, they achieved Guinness records,
      We recommend a screaming machine with four major coasters such as Dodonpa.
      Also, many anime and game characters
      You can enjoy the attractions of (EVANGELION Gegege no Kitaro, Thomas and Friends),
      For a limited time, Doraemon and Pokemon corners will also appear.
      In winter, the fastest ice skating rink in the Tokyo metropolitan area is also open.

      Address:5-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture