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  • lobby lounge

    A spacious space is open.
    Play the piano, play billiards, and have a good time with your family and friends.

    【Billiards (1 group 1 hour)】 500 yen
  • Rest area, "SAKURA"

    massage chair
    Pelvic correction chair

    Please relax after taking a bath here.
  • Comic room "HIMAWARI"

    There are about 7000 comic books in various genres.
    Please feel free to visit us for a little change.
  • Rental ground

    With various beautiful Mt Fuji scenery in the background,
    It can be used as an active resort.
  • Mt Fuji seen from the terrace

    Please look at the appearance of “Mt Fuji” that shows different expressions depending on the season.
  • Front desk

    I try to keep it clean and comfortable,
    Please understand that it will be crowded temporarily when entering the group.

    The entire staff will be happy to welcome you, from picking you up to returning.

  • Banquet Hall "Fuji Cherry Blossom"

    127 square meters
    Capacity, ~ 100 people
    Charter available for groups (Pay)
  • Dining "Sansui-tei"

    Buffet corner
    Main venue for breakfast
  • Tea room

    You can use it at a tea ceremony club training camp.
    Can be used as a banquet hall for small groups (Pay)